CAE (C1)

Certificate in Advanced English

The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) equates to a C1 level on the CEFR (IELTS 6.5-8.0) and is a requirement at many British universities. It is also a requirement outside of the UK in many institutions but is probably not as widely taken as the IELTS exam.

The Speaking test is taken face to face, with two candidates and two examiners and the total duration of the speaking test is about 15 minutes per pair of students.

Part 1

Examiner asks candidate questions on familiar topics.

Focus: Ability to answer questions on personal experiences and general topics using opinions.

Duration: 2 minutes.

Our recommended activity

O Examinador

Part 2

Candidate 1 is required to talk for one minute about two pictures from a selection of three. Candidate 2 is then asked to comment for 30 seconds on this. The roles are reversed and candidate 2 is to then talk about two different photos.

Focus: Talking on your own about something: comparing, describing, expressing opinions, speculating.

Duration: 1 minute per candidate.

Our recommended activity

C1/C2 images

Part 3

Candidates are given written stimulus for a paired discussion that lasts about 2 mins. After this examiner asks another question and candidates need to reach a decision.

  1. Giving & justifying opinions.
  2. Agreeing & disagreeing.
  3. Making suggestions.
  4. Speculating.
  5. Negotiating.

Duration: 2 minutes / 3 minutes for groups of three students.

Part 4

Examiner asks questions based on topic from part 3 and this gives input for a further discussion in pairs.

  1. Expressing/justifying opinions.
  2. Agreeing & disagreeing.

Duration: 5 minutes.