How it Works?

SpeechRevision incorporates a few key areas: activities organised by level, an inbuilt bespoke audio recorder and an evaluation system. To take maximum advantage, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose an activity: Find an activity you like, or that you think is useful. Record yourself speaking in English using the activity as a speaking stimulus. If you prefer, you can even send your own recording on any topic you like by selecting the free speech activity.
  2. Send us your audio response: Next, send your recording to us (you can use our simple instructions if you are not sure how).
  3. Get feedback: Wait for our qualified native English teachers to send you an evaluation, which will be available in interactive and PDF format.

We are sure you'll love our visual activities and starred evaluation system. As well as a user-friendly evaluation system, we also have a database that stores your grammatical mistakes and words you may have struggled to pronounce for easier access for personal study.