Unai Emery speaking English: How has he improved?

Unai Emery speaking English: How he has improved so far.

When Unai Emery became Arsenal manager on the 23rd May 2018, apart from representing a new chapter in Arsenal’s history after 22 years of the same manager, much of the talk centred around his apparent lack of English skills. How would he communicate with his players? Would we see Unai Emery speaking English through an […]

Noticing, What is it? How does it help error correction?

Help error correction - noticing

  You notice something new… could this help error correction? Have you ever had that experience where you learn a word then suddenly you hear and see it everywhere? Strange, isn’t it? It makes you wonder: Has it always been there? Most likely, yes. Unless it’s a new term, for example, chances are that you’ve seen […]

Do podcasts help students learn languages?

podcasts help students learn languages

Do podcasts help students learn languages? “Do podcasts help students learn languages?” Every year since becoming a teacher, I have been asked this question. My answer has always been a big fat, “YES!” In 2014, I wrote a blog post for a blog called ‘Esperanza Education’ entitled ‘The Power of the Podcast’. Technology has come […]

Dealing with nerves in your English speaking exam


On April 6th 2018 I took the DELE C1 Spanish exam for the second time.  In 2010 I failed it by a couple of marks. This time  I felt more prepared, after hours of rigorous study and intensive exposure to the language from 5 years living and working in Spain. I am usually anxious prior to exams, […]

How do I get my motivation back?

 Get your motivation back! How do I get my motivation back? Have you been wondering this lately? Has it happened before? As teachers, we sometimes see students struggle to get back into learning mode after the summer break. We thought we’d re-share our videos from ‘Motivation March’ on Facebook, inspired by the blog post, ‘Find […]